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Make no mistake, this is a complex issue with no easy answers.

Because clean air effects not only our health, but also our economy, air quality affects everyone. That’s why I’ve focused much of my legislative efforts on clean air initiatives.

There’s no magic bullet and people are surprised to know that our air in Utah is actually cleaner today than it was in 1952! That’s progress. But when our inversions hit for up to two weeks each winter it gets nasty outside.

     As our population grows, projected to double by 2050, pollutants will continue to grow, too. Everything we can do now, including taking such simple steps like reducing idling, means healthier air for everyone.

     Since 50% of our problems come from cars and trucks, that’s where I’ve concerted my legislative efforts:

  • 2014-2017—Clean Fuel School Buses
  • 2013-2016—Clean Fuel Vehicles
  • 2016-2017—Tax Credits for Electric Vehicles
  • 2015—Natural Gas Heavy-Duty Vehicle Amendments

    In 2017, I’m proposing legislation to remove dirty diesel school buses from our roads and increase the adoption of electric vehicles!

    In 2015, I was pleased to receive the Legislative Leadership Award from Utah Clean Cities.

    Recently, I participated as a panelist at the Governor’s Air & Energy Symposium on Oct. 5, 2016 on the topic, “Evaluating the Cost & Effectiveness of Regulation.”

    There’s a lot of work to be done and I’m committed to vigorously supporting clean air initiatives in every way possible.

Let’s talk about clean air.

School bus photo: © dpfoxfoto/depositphoto