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It Has Been My Pleasure To Help Make
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Here’s a partial list of my service on your behalf!


  • Layton Hills Mall Interchange

    —From my time on the Layton City Council, congestion around the Layton Hills Mall interchange was always a critical problem. Working collaboratively with Layton City officials and other area legislators, we combined efforts to advocate for the massive UDOT reconstruction that has dramatically improved traffic flows around this critical interchange.

  • Layton Parkway Interchange

    —From my time on the Layton City Council and working with city officials, area legislators, and UDOT, we combined efforts to construct a $90 million full interchange now called the Layton Parkway Exit.

  • Layton Town Crossing

    —Advocated with UDOT and worked with Layton City Officials and area legislators to construct this vital transportation link within District 16.

  • Highway 89

    —Discussed for most of the 40-plus years I have lived in Layton, the project finally got underway in 2020. I attended many stakeholders and open house meetings, met with and listened to residents, and advocated with UDOT for adjustments and improvements including the construction of underpasses at Antelope, Gordon, and Oak Hills. While not yet finished, traffic patterns have already dramatically improved.

  • Cherry Lane Sound Wall

    —Worked with neighborhood and property owners, the Dawson and Call families, and UDOT to not only get the sound wall constructed but also to ensure that the acquisition of needed property was fair and equitable to property owners.

  • Highway 193 Sound Wall

    —Working with residents and UDOT to mitigate increased traffic noise.

  • Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

    —Advocated with Layton City for residents desiring dark sky-friendly street lamps and lighting in certain neighborhoods.

  • Layton Town Center

    —Working with the neighborhood, UDOT, and property owners to ensure that once Highway 89 is complete, the construction site between Cherry Lane and Gentile, will be developed into an attractive commercial development.

  • Weeds on Oaks Hills

    —Responses to constituent concerns about weed control on Oak Hills below Highway 89. Worked with UDOT to ensure consistent maintenance.

Write-In Steve Handy for House district 16

Davis County Legislation

  • Waste Tire Fee Adjustment

    Sponsored and passed HB 236 providing for more equitable fees for recycled tires.

  • Vital Records

    —Sponsored and passed HB 108 to clarify that a marriage license is a vital and protected record.

  • Animal Control

    —Co-sponsored and passed SB 104 allowing Davis and other counties to impose offset tax levies to improve animal control services.

  • Fire Control

    —Sponsored HB 354 to give Davis County additional enforcement authority as needed to control target shooting during extreme drought conditions in foothills.

  • Voter Registration

    —Sponsored and passed HB 159 coordinating greater efficiencies in the transfer of driver license applications and renewals to voter rolls.

Constituent Request Legislation

  • Rachel Runyon Missing and Exploited Children's Day

    —Sponsored and passed HB 53 at the request of Rachel’s mother and a constituent, Elaine Runyon. Establishes the day as August 26, the day of Rachel’s abduction, now 40 years ago.

  • Unlawful Sexual Abuse Statute of Limitations

    —Sponsored and passed HB 247 at the request of a constituent who had been abused as a miner. Extended the statute of limitations in order to hold perpetrators accountable.

  • Domestic Violence

    —Sponsored and passed HB 249 at the request of a constituent who had been severely abused by a dating partner. Bill opened up public records in order to provide additional information about an individual’s criminal background regarding violence against women. 

  • Driver License Amendments

    —Sponsored and passed HB 18 at the request of a constituent whose child’s driver training in another state was not recognized by the state of Utah. The bill changed the law to ensure that Utah will recognize completed out-of-state driver training.

  • Education Background Check Amendments

    —At the request of Davis County Schools, sponsored and passed HB 90 to improve efficiencies and reduced costs to licensed educators for fingerprint tests that were already in the system.

  • Clean Fuel School Buses

    —At the request of the education community including Davis County Schools, worked for four years to eventually obtain a $7 million appropriation from the Volkswagen Emissions Cheating Scandal that resulted in 115 new, clean fuel school buses including 34 for Davis County.

  • Consumer Ticket Modifications

    —Sponsored and passed HB 128 at the request of a constituent who was cheated when purchasing tickets online. The bill outlined provisions and strengthened penalties for violators.


  • Child Custody and Child Support

    —Field numerous calls assisting constituents to obtain information and relief in child custody and support disputes employing established relationships at the Division of Family Services. 

  • Motor Vehicle Registration

    —Sponsored and passed HB 79 redacting a vehicle owner’s address on the registration and insurance card kept in the vehicle. 

  • Testing for Lead in Water

    —Sponsored and passed HB 21 after four years establishing state-wide mandatory testing of all public and private schools to assess levels of lead in water.

  • Renewable Energy Advancement

    —Sponsored and passed HB 411 provides a framework for cities who want to advance the adoption of renewable energy to achieve in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power, 100% net renewable energy by 2030. 26 cities initially signed up to participate. 

  • Department of Corrections

    —At the request of a constituent, facilitated communication and evaluation of a family member’s rights and treatment as determined by the Utah Department of Corrections.

Pandemic Relief

  • School Lunches

    —Assisted the Layton Christian Academy community with obtaining free school lunches from the Davis School District during the height of the pandemic.

  • Unemployment Insurance

    —Navigated unemployment insurance and benefits for numerous constituents during the pandemic.

Davis County Tourism/Antelope Island

  • Antelope Island Learning and Visitor Center

    —Worked with Friends of Antelope Island over the course of two years to obtain $13 million in appropriations for an expanded Learning Center and Visitor Center that will be the centerpiece for the study of critical issues and preservation of The Great Salt Lake. 

Economic Development

  • Hill Air Force Base

    —Fully supportive over the years of the mission and $7.5 billion economic impact of the base. Have attended dozens of groundbreakings and building openings at Falcon Hill. Worked on and voted for HB 161 exempting military retirees from state income tax.

Layton Vietnam Memorial Wall

  • Fundraising

    —Obtained an appropriation of $100,000 from the State Legislature to complete the fundraising goal.

Gigi’s Playhouse in Layton

  • Fundraising

    —Obtained a special appropriation of $50,000 to assist parents and facility upgrades at a local facility for children with Down Syndrome.