Let's talk about education.

America’s most-vibrant economies put education first! Everyone understands that a person’s earning power and a society’s wealth are tied to educational achievement. Today more than ever, our children compete on a world stage. Layton and Clearfield’s students are just not competing with others in Utah, they are competing with students from Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and South America. We truly live in a global society.

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Utah’s Constitution requires that 100% of corporate and personal income taxes be dedicated to education and I have continually voted for increases each year. As Utah’s economy has grown, so have education funds and nearly $1 billion in additional dollars has gone to public education over the past few years. Still, we need to do more. Our teachers deserve to be paid like the professionals they are. Our children deserve nothing less than a world-class education.

My Guiding Education Principles

  • As a parent, I believe in school choice. A parent should decide what’s best for their child be it traditional public schools, public charter schools, or homeschooling.

  • The legislature’s role is to provide funding and it shouldn’t try to be a “super school board.” Decisions are best left in the hands of the local school board, school community councils, parents, principals, and teachers.

  • Curriculum decisions should be guided by school administrators with strong parental input. The Davis School District’s model works very well.

  • All children deserve an effective, exceptional education.

  • Every child, every family, every community, that’s the mantra we have to support.

  • We can’t be a great state without great schools.

  • Learning needs to be more efficient, effective and accountable.

  • The legislature needs to continue to demonstrate a genuine commitment to our students, our schools, and our future.

  • More dollars should go to the classroom and not to school bureaucracies.

  • We have a solemn responsibility to the next generation.

  • Giving every family access to effective education options is critical.

  • We need to equip students for the REAL WORLD.

  • Every child deserves an opportunity to succeed.

  • I don’t accept minimum standards. I want to raise the bar.

  • Let’s recognize, respect, reward, and retain great teachers. With education spending, it’s not how much we spend, it’s how we spend it.

Ask any legislator what their top priority is and they’ll say, “Education.” Well, it better be. We are blessed with excellent public schools and great institutions of higher learning including Weber State University Davis in Layton. For technical training, there’s nothing better than our Davis Technical College in Kaysville. Regardless of an individual’s goal, there are numerous opportunities for education, training, and a better job. There’s a way to get there and I’ll continue to do everything in my power to support them!

Our children deserve nothing less.

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