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Where I Stand

Public Education

As a state, we have no greater responsibility than to educate our future. But even the best schools can’t succeed without parental oversight, involvement, and accountability. I have consistently voted in favor of local control and minimizing federal entanglements in education. Per-pupil spending will always be low in Utah given our large student population, but we must continue to increase classroom support for teachers and students. I have voted to support the substantial increases in public education in recent years. We must respect and support teachers.

During my current term, I joined with my Republican colleagues in advocating against Critical Race Theory. The measure passed both the House and the Senate by an overwhelming majority.

Taxes and Spending

The Utah Legislature continues to cut taxes, and each time I have voted in support.

  • Our income tax is lower than when I entered the Legislature

  • Utah no longer taxes social security income for low-income earners

  • We now provide an Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor

  • Especially important for Davis County, last year Utah stopped taxing military retirement pay

  • As a result of the Trump tax cuts, Utah has twice adjusted the dependent exemption so that large families are not penalized

In the last two years alone, we have cut taxes by $300 million. As your representative, I will continue voting to return hard-earned money back to Utahns.

Second Amendment

I believe that Americans have the right to bear arms, whether it be for self-defense or hunting. I have owned guns my entire life and have a Concealed Carry Permit. Last year, I voted with my Republican colleagues to allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms in public without a permit. This is now Utah law. 


Following the mass shooting at a Florida high school in 2018 that left 17 students dead, I began to consider ways that Utah policymakers could help prevent similar violence from occurring in our local schools and particularly stem the alarming rate of suicides connected to firearms. One idea I put forward currently has the support of 68 percent of Utah Republicans and 72 percent of all Utahns. It would allow family members or police to use a court order to temporarily remove weapons from a person who is seen as a risk to themselves or others. My intent was to help families who suffer the devastating effects of the suicide of a loved one. However, the idea didn’t gain support, was never voted on and I don’t plan to run this bill again. In addition, I support mental health services, hardening our schools (such as single points of entry), and school resource officers. As your representative, I will continue to protect gun owners and school safety.

I support our Second Amendment

  • I have owned firearms my entire life, and I own firearms now.
  • I’ve had a concealed carry permit for over 10 years.
  • I voted for constitutional carry.

Clean Air

As a Co-Chair of the bipartisan Clean Air caucus, I believe every Utahn deserves to breathe clean air. During my time in the Legislature, I have sponsored legislation to address pollution from aging school buses and trains, install air quality monitoring devices, provide incentives for electric vehicles and promote renewable energies. While the free market still relies on coal, and Utah coal is among the cleanest in the world, I want Utah’s energy industry to be ready and prepared for the economy of the future.


As a member of the Natural Resources Environment and Agriculture Committee, I have worked at the forefront of critical drought issues.  I have voted to appropriate significant resources to promote agriculture optimization, secondary metering installation, and trust to study ways to preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake.


I am proudly pro-life and applaud the U.S. Supreme Court ruling returning this issue back to the states, where decisions can be made that more closely align with the will of the people. Utah is a proud pro-life state, and as your representative, I have supported pro-life measures. I believe that abortions should be rare and only legal in cases of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is at risk. As a pro-life Republican, I believe we must also do better to support all mothers, especially those struggling with substance abuse, and youth suicide. We have much work to do on this policy in order to ensure that expectant mothers have access to the healthcare they deserve while protecting the unborn.