Let's talk about Utah's success.

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    Kudos to Utah

    Utah is consistently rated as the Best Managed State in America and Number One in the Survey of Rich States and Poor States. In short, it’s a great time to work and live in Utah. See below for the reasons why and especially that your Utah State Legislature balances its budget and puts money away for a Rainy Day. Utah has been ranked as the Number State to rebound the quickest from the turndown caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic!

  • Utah: Business Elevated

    Year after year, Utah ranks among the top U.S. states for business and careers, personal income growth, family prosperity, and quality of life. What’s Utah’s “secret sauce?” It’s a winning combination of collaboration and innovation.

  • Workforce Development

    Utah leads the country in developing initiatives to address workforce needs and challenges.

  • Higher Education

    Utah’s educational institutions have developed practical and innovative approaches to educate the state’s continually-growing workforce.

  • Business Environment

    In the most recent Hachman Index, Utah has the most diverse economy in the country. It is also one of the fastest-growing. This translates to an economic environment that has long-term stability and sustainability.

  • Quality of Life

    Utah is an excellent place to live, work, raise a family, and visit. The state captivates residents and visitors alike with its spectacular natural beauty, cultural offerings, and year-round recreational opportunities. Utah is safe, clean, affordable, which creates an exceptional quality of life.

  • Why All the Accolades?

    While things aren’t perfect in Utah and we can always do better, we should realize just how good we have it. We balance our state budget and tuck something away for a rainy day, our state government’s ratio of employees to state population is among the lowest in America. Our legislative session is one of the shortest in the country and that’s good for everyone concerned. We get things done!
    As a fifth-generation Utahn, I’m proud and humbled to serve you in our state legislature and I’m proud of our great state and our great people. We aren’t without serious challenges but we work collaboratively to find sensible solutions without overtaxing each one of us.
    Utah is great because its people are great and our best days are ahead.

red landscape with abstract trees clipart
red landscape with abstract trees clipart